• Lead Paint Removal Health Risks

Physiological Consequences Of Ingesting Lead Paint Whilst Removing

Lead Paint Removal dust gets into the body when you breathe in lead paint dust or fumes in the air (if burnt or heated), or eat or drink lead contaminated food or water (ingested). This can be done if lead residue is on your hands then you eat food, smoke a cigarette or touch your mouth

The majority of lead is stored in your bones and teeth, some lead will be retained in the blood and in soft tissue. Small amounts can gradually build up in the body and cause health problems. Lead can cause serious long-term health problems. It can harm almost every part of the human body, the brain, kidney and reproductive organs of men, women and children.

Lead can affect anybody, but foetuses, children under the age of four and pregnant women are most at risk. In pregnant women, the difficulty arises from lead migrating through the placenta and endangering the foetus.

The poisonous effects of lead can damage the developing brain and nervous systems of unborn and young children much more easily then adults.

Many children and adults with increased levels of lead in their bodies may show no symptoms, even though they are being affected. When symptoms do become obvious (usually at high levels of exposure) they include lethargy, pain in the abdomen and constipation, headache and irritability. Children show these symptoms at lower levels of exposure than adults.

One of the dangers to children arises from the fact that lead residue (as dust) is sweet to the taste. Children frequently will touch surfaces and then suck their fingers. Lead contaminated soil, external to the building, should also be considered a danger. Not only do children touch dirt, fruit and vegetables grown in lead contaminated soil may lead to lead ingestion.

It follows that neither pregnant women or children should remain in the building where lead based paint removal is in progress and should not enter until all residue has been removed.

Lead Paint Removal Will Affect Your Family


Lead Paint Removal Health Effects

Children: poor development of motor abilities and memory, reduced attention span, reduced spatial skills, anaemia, poorer performance at school, colic, gastric problems and behavioural problems.

Pregnant women (unborn babies): exposure to lead can be harmful because the unborn baby is exposed to lead in the mother’s blood leading to impaired learning and mental development. Complications from high levels of exposure include premature birth, low birth weight or even miscarriage or stillborn.

Adults: joint and muscle pain, cramps, anaemia, nausea, gastric problems, sleep problems, concentration problems and headaches.