• Lead Paint Removal Options

Over Painting Of Lead Paint

Over painting of lead based paint is the cheapest option other than to do nothing. This option can only be done if the lead paint thats currently on the surface isn’t completely deteriorated to the point of major peeling and flaking. If the surface has small amounts of localised paint failure and paint chalking, it is possible to use preparation techniques and special primers such as ” Sealer binders ” to stick to the surface and allow for overcoating of current premium products however it is advised to primer the entire area for best paint adhesion.

  • Any loose material will have to be removed by wet scraping, wet sanding or chemical removal
  • Remove surface contaminates by degreasing, sugar soap or detergent wash
  • Remove surface gloss by wet sanding or using chemical de-glossing solution
  • Any sanding must be either wet sanding or using a vac sander attached to a hepa vacuum
Lead Paint Encapsulation

Encapsulation is done by applying a specialised liquid paint like product to the surface which effectively seals the lead paint to behind the encapsulating product.

Theres a difference between normal paint and encapsulates due to the materials they are made from. Encapsulating products are specially formulated to bond the the lead paint. These products are more expensive than paints and are not recommended to be applied by DIYers.

The main benefit of Lead Paint encapsulation typically on external applications has a longer life span compared to normal overpainting due to the quality of the encapsulate. However regular maintenance still needs to be conducted to ensure no hazard is found. The Encapsulation process is entirely dependant on the existing paint condition and can only be applied to a suitably prepared surface.

Encapsulates are not suitable for surfaces subject to wear or friction or substances affected by moisture.

As a client you should understand  that the finished surfaced will not be as smooth as a surface that has been well sanded and you will see the difference in paint layers on the surface.

Lead Paint Abatement

Full lead paint abatement is the most expensive option of the 3, however is the most effective and labour intensive.

Be warned that the removal of lead paint by these methods is NOT RECOMMENDED!

  • LP Gas or Blow Torches – these provide lead fumes and toxic gases!
  • Grinders – these can damage weatherboards and produce large amounts of toxic dust that must be contained and collected

Collection of waste?

Lead paint removal ultimately will produce large amounts of waste, which is why its important to undertake a soil test prior to any work being done, the test should be taken again on completion.